Anne-Linde Visser - historical cello

This is a basic website, containing information like a biography and concert agenda. The unusual background and fonts represent the style of Anne-Linde very well. Check out the full website at

Matthijs van der Moolen - historical trombone

Besides building websites, I am a (historical) trombone player. This website is about that, and contains a lot of information. You find it online at

Valentina Tóth - piano & theatre

Valentina is studying piano and theatre, and is even combining both arts. Check out to see more of her website.

Emma Rhebergen - violin

Emma is a talented violin player from the Netherlands. This website gives you a clear idea about what she is doing. You find it at

Castello Consort - historical performance

The Castello Consort is a young professional ensemble, focussing on the historical performance of 17th-century music. Their website can be found at

Ongestreken - refreshing chamber music

Ongestreken is an unusual wind quartet, combined with a harp. They play a wide range of (arranged) repertoire, and look for new sounds and possibilities in chamber music. Visit their website:

DSDR - architect

This architect's job is to prepare schools for the future. You will find his inspiring work here:

Sheet Music Shop

A basic and fully automatical webshop for selling musical editions and arrangements as PDF files. Take a look at to see how it works.

College Hageveld - high school

Through a design contest, I won the opportunity to design the website of this high school. In the last years someone else has made some design changes, but the basic theme and technical basis is still my work. Check it out at